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Vanderbilt vs #20 Florida, prediction

10.29.2007 · Posted in Uncategorized

Vandy vs. the Gators. This is just another match-up between the 4th and 6th place teams in the SEC East……What??!!!! How did that happen to the Gators? This is a wacky season, but a good one. Gators are 5-3 with a 3-3 conference record. Vanderbilt is 5-3 as well, but with a 2-3 conference record.

I think that Tebow’s shoulder played a huge factor in last weeks loss to the Dawgs. I am not taking anything from Georgia, but he was hurt. I said in an earlier post that it reminded me of watching the second Superman movie. That is the one where Superman loses his powers and gets beat up. We are all used to seeing Tim run through All SEC linebackers like it was a tackling drill. Saturday he was sacked regularly. His shoulder could come into play this week as well.

Earl Bennett is the best receiver that no one knows. People do not even know that he plays for the Commodores. They do not even know that he has the record for most career receptions in SEC history. People might not know that Vandy is 1 game away from a bowl birth. There is a good size group of people in Columbia, South Carolina that know a thing or two about how good Vandy is. That group is headed up by Steve Spurrier, and he was not surprised that the Gamecocks lost to Vandy.

I am going to give Vandy some credit. They are good. I am also not giving the Florida defense any credit. They are not that good yet. If Tebow’s shoulder is still a factor I am going to give the game to Vandy. I think it will not be a factor, so my prediction is Florida.

What a unpredictable prediction. Kind of like the SEC East this year. :-) That is just what I think. Please vote and leave a comment.

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