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Florida vs Florida State, prediction, Will they stomp Tebow?

11.23.2007 · Posted in Uncategorized

FSU said they are going to stomp Tebow? Tebow is one of the best college football QB’s of all time. Just compare his first two years to anyone else’s. He has accomplished more as a sophomore than some QB’s do in their 4 year tenure. He is a mammoth of a man. He could be the nations best running back, tight end, line backer, or defensive end. He is a physical specimen. Then you have FSU talking trash when all they have done is struggle though the weak ACC. Their only win of note was against BC. They have 7-4 record. They did beat Alabama though.

The Gators have played in epic battles against the best competition in the nation. I can not take FSU seriously in this game.Florida will make a statement. They will win big. Tebow will also make a statement as the nations biggest Heisman hopeful.

As you can see from previous posts. I have no respect for the ACC this year. I have the utmost respect for the SEC. You will see why this weekend.

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