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College football needs a plus one playoff, with an SEC rule :-)

11.30.2007 · Posted in Uncategorized

There are so many problems with the BCS. It is a terrible way to pick a champion. The problem is that the athletic directors do not want to change it, and the BCS has a contract with the NCAA. The athletic directors like the bowl money. If we take away their bowls, we will be taking away their money.

The only feasible solution is a plus one system. Everyone can play in all of their meaningless bowls, and then there will be an extra bowl to determine the National Championship. The top four teams will play against each other. 1 vs. 4 and 2 vs. 3. The winners will play in the extra bowl. This is a great plan that lets the athletic directors and the NCAA keep their bowl money, and it lets us see a better playoff. There is no way the playoff will get any bigger.

Here is my add on to the “plus one playoff” plan. I call it the SEC rule. If the best conference does not have it’s champion in the top four, that conference champion will take the place of the fourth team. This should make no one mad. This will only make things interesting. The SEC is the best conference, and they beat themselves up regularly. In the current BCS system, it would be easy for the SEC to not have a team in the BCS top four. That would be a shame, and it would cause even more turmoil. I believe that this rule needs to be added on to the plus one system. If this rule is not instituted, no one will ever be happy.I would be ecstatic if the top 3 teams, and the SEC champion played in a plus one playoff this year. The problem is how to pick the best conference. I would have to say that there would be another AP poll for just that very purpose. I think that a computer system would be faulty.

You can laugh at my suggestion, but what if your team won the best conference and could not play in a “plus one playoff“. Please think about that for a few minutes. I call it the SEC rule, but it could be your conference. It could be a different conference every year.

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