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Petrino to Arkansas reaction Videos

12.14.2007 · Posted in Uncategorized

I found all of the good reactions to Bobby Petrino going to Arkansas. If you have not heard by now, he is the new head coach at Arkansas. He left the Atlanta Falcons. He coached the first 13 games of the seasons and left them in disarray. Vick had a lot to do with that, but Petrino was still under contract. He left the Louisville Cardinals in January. He left them in disarray after signing a huge contract extension. This is a great hire for Arkansas. I am sure that all of this will die down soon. As for right now, it is almost as hot as the Mitchell Report is. The following videos are of his press conference, Arthur Blank response, Deangelo Hall response, ESPN response, etc… He may not have had the best relationship with the players on the Falcons team, but I will never agree with leaving notes in place of a team meeting. On the other side, he needed to make this move this week, so he could get recruiting before the dead period. He said he was very unhappy and so did his agent.

Lets also not forget about Arkansas. It is easy to put all the blame on Petrino. Arkansas wanted Tuberville who is under contract and going to a bowl. They went after Grobe who is under contract and going to a bowl. They went after Bowden who is under contract and going to a bowl. It is very evident that Arkansas did not care about contracts, and players feelings either.

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