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Florida Gator Football Videos, highlights, parodies, and tributes

01.19.2008 · Posted in Florida

This is my collection of Florida Gator Football Videos, highlights, parodies, and tributes. From Spurrier, to Emmitt Smith, to Tim Tebow, watch them all here. If you can think of another one leave the URL in a comment below. Please enjoy these Florida Gator Football Videos.

  1. 2006 Florida Gator National Championship Video Highlight Tribute
  2. Best Steve Spurrier highlight videos
  3. Emmitt Smith videos, highlights, clips, tribute
  4. Tim Tebow Video, highlights, clips, tribute.
  5. Tim Tebow’s ESPN Basketball College Gameday Pep Talk, Video
  6. How Many times can you say Tim Tebow, Funny Video
  7. Tim Tebow on Game Day, very funny Video, by Ross Asdourian
  8. Darren McFadden or Tim Tebow for 2007 Heisman, videos
  9. Albert, Florida Gators Mascot, Videos
  10. 2007 Florida vs LSU videos, highlights, and recap
  11. Georgia Storms Field After First Quarter Touchdown, video
  12. Auburn’s Wes Byrum wins the game against Florida, Twice?, video
  13. 2006, Auburn vs Florida, Video Highlights

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