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SECFB nominations for “Best new Blog” CFBA 2008

01.21.2008 · Posted in Uncategorized

The football season is over but the fun has just begun. Now it is time to vote for the best college football blogs on the THE COLLEGE FOOTBALL BLOG AWARDS 2008: BAILAMOS!. Click that link to read all of the rules for nominations and the award criteria. It is posted on the EDSBS, because that site rocks and because it won so many awards last year that you might as well say that it owned them. Now to keep things fresh, a blog can not win the same award back to back. So I guess will win the rest of the categories this year. :-) It is a superbly written blog and the blogger has done so well that he can do it full time. Wouldn’t that be awesome.

These are my nominations, since I can not nominate myself. :-) I am a new blog so that is my first category.

 Best new blog. . My first is Gate 21. It is a well written, nice looking, often updated, funny, and informative blog. What more could you ask for besides less Vol orange on the page. :-( Just playing! I love all SEC schools.

Best New Blog, another good blog. It is straight forward and straight to the point. The Writer gives good insights on the games, breaks some news, and covers all college football. A different look at college football. Like I say, if you want the stats go to

 Those are my 2 nominations for best new college football blogs. I will continue posting my nominations the rest of the week. Stay tuned and get involved in nominations. Here is the link to make your nominations. This is awesome stuff.I would be honored if yall nominated  I am shooting for Best New Blog, and Best SEC blog.

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