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SECFB nominations for “Funniest Blog” CFBA 2008

01.22.2008 · Posted in Uncategorized

These are my nominations for Funniest Blog in the CFBA’s. Check out my last post if you are not familiar with the CFBA’s. The actual name of the award is the ” Trev Alberts quits to do construction  award”. The name fits the award I think. :-)  I have first hand knowledge of this site. I have visited many times and have enjoyed a nice laugh whilst surfing the net. It was nominated for this award last year. It is most likely going to win this year.

As for my Dark Horse.  I may sound like a broken record, but this is a funny blog. Check it out and judge for yourself. I feel like Mel Kiper Jr. here, and this is a draft day special.

Below are all of the awards that EDSBS won last year. I wanted to take a final moment to give  an “Attaboy”. As if it needs it. Wow!! They can not win 2 years in a row, or they would be one of my nominations.

CFB Award Winner: Funniest Blog CFB Award Winner: Best Podcast CFB Award Runner Up: Best Regular Feature CFB Award Runner Up: Best Community CFB Award Winner: Best Prose CFB Award Winner: Best Post CFB Award Winner: Best SEC Blog CFB Award Winner: Mythical National Champion

 Those are my 2 nominations for funniest college football blogs. I will continue posting my nominations the rest of the week. Stay tuned and get involved in nominations. Here is the link to make your nominations. This is awesome stuff.I would be honored if yall nominated  I am shooting for Best New Blog, and Best SEC blog.

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