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SECFB various nominations for CFBA’s 2008

01.25.2008 · Posted in Uncategorized

This will be my various nomination post. Check back as I update this until the dead line for the CFBA’s. You can read this post to get a full understanding of the CFBA’s. These are my final nominations, except I will do a different post on “best SEC blog” and “best post”.  I will update this post as I decide the final nominations.

“Best Analysis” nomination goes to.… They cover the Wildcats @ nauseam. That is a compliment by the way. :-) Very good work on that blog.

“Best Big East Blog” nomination goes to  .Very good job here.

 ”Best Non BCS ” and ” Job Award ” Nominations go to . Great job covering a conference that does not get respect.  This is a very informative blog. They just did a post about the year in review of the 2-10 UNLV Rebels. Great post but that is a job. :-) No disrespect meant, but that is a J O B . Get away from your TV and turn your computer monitor on to write a post summing up the Rebels season. That gets a Thumbs up from me. That is dedication.

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