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SECFB Nominations for Best SEC Blog and Best Post, CFBA 2008

01.26.2008 · Posted in Uncategorized

My best SEC Blog nominations got to

Best of the SEC Blogs. It is all of the best of the SEC blogs put together. You can read snippets from all of the big blogs along with their own commentary. Very nice blog. Now SEC Football blogger is noticeably not mentioned much :-) But that is because I am not one of the ” Best of the SEC Blogs. ” I know this and hope to be there soon.

A Sea of Blue. Wonderful analytical blog about Kentucky football/sports. Nice looking. Great community. Good writing. Up to the minute postings.

Gate 21.. Rookie of the year in SEC Blogging. I know that is not an award but it should be. It is a dark horse for this award, but I nominated it for best new blog, funniest, and best SEC. I hope it walks away with some kind of nomination.

 My best posts go to these 3 . Joe Cribbs Car wash explains the SEC through ” Arrested Development ” funny stuff.

and . They have a very hard time pulling for Notre Dame or Duke. An interview with all of the SEC Coaches. Orgeron: Well, aw, done know bow dat, um dere a lotta season leff, ya know? Lotta footbaw be played and dee um recruit down and um, boobies in Grove an’ um me an afletic direckter know footbaw ver impawtant. :-)

Those are my nominations. Get involved in nominations. Here is the link to make your nominations. This is awesome stuff. I would be honored if yall nominated I am shooting for Best New Blog, and Best SEC blog.

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