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BCS Stats By Conferences, the first 10 years? Video

02.28.2008 · Posted in Uncategorized

BCS Stats By Conferences, the first 10 years? Video. This video goes through all of the conference stats of first 10 years of the BCS game. The BCS has its flaws. The BCS is far from fair and it will soon be changed. As for right now, we have to live with the current system. The SEC has come out on top. After winning the last 2 championships, the percentages are largely skewed to the SEC. The SEC does not look like they are slowing down. They constantly have the best recruiting classes, the most players in the NFL, and they average the highest attendance. Those facts are not in the video, but are largely known and accepted. Please enjoy this BCS Stats By Conferences, the first 10 years? Video

The SEC has a winning percentage of 73.3.
The SEC has 4 Championships. The nearest are the Big 12 and the ACC with 2 apiece.

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