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SEC Coaching, Contract vs Commitment

12.23.2008 · Posted in Uncategorized

SEC Coaching, Contract vs Commitment. This is always a huge part of every year of SEC football. Even the most confident team fan has thoughts of their coach finding a place with greener pastures. It is a serious problem, and lots of fans have been bit in the butt.

Just off the top of my head, Ole Miss fans were pretty mad when Tubberville left the Rebs. Nick Saban was not the fan favorite of the Bengals when he left there, and when he left Miami, for Bama, it was not “Dolphin Friendly”.  Petrino left the Falcons shortly after Vick was convicted.

The problem is Contract vs Commitment. Coaches sign their contract, and then circumstances change, jobs become available, they do better or worse than they were expected to do, they have franchise QB’s that like dog fighting, etc… So much can change over the course of a season. What coach has shown commitment?

When you cast your vote for Coach of the year @ the Liberty Mutual Coach of the Year Award, decide what coach has shown commitment. The winner should be judged on what happens on and off the field. It is more than just a trophy, the Liberty Mutual Coach of the Year Award provides each winning coach with $50,000 to donate to one or more charitable organizations of his choice and a $20,000 grant to donate to his school?s alumni association to enhance student scholarships and activities. As of last year, $300,000 has been donated to charity, and $100,000 given to alumni associations.

The 2008 winners will be announced on ESPN on December 31 during the halftime of the Music City Bowl. So check that out!

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