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Georgia’s Stafford and Moreno Entering Draft

January 8th, 2009 | by Paneech |

Georgia’s Stafford and Moreno Entering Draft. The NFL Draft is a great big spectacle where teams shuffle their agendas to welcome new players and toss out the obsolete.  A pair of Georgia underclassmen have declared their early eligibility to the 2009 NFL DraftKnowshon Moreno and Charlie Stafford are both going pro and have elected to bypass remaining eligibility at Georgia.

Moreno is making the right decision.  He is NFL stock through and through.  He is a natural playmaker with great breakaway speed and the ability to break tackles.  Plus his stamina seems way above average to me.  On the other hand, Charlie Stafford would be better suited staying.  He will probably get drafted in the first three rounds, but he will not play in the NFL much his first few seasons.  Look for Stafford to be like a Jim Sorgi, the backup of Peyton Manning, who sees the field as much as I get kissed from beautiful women in New York — rarely.  If Stafford were to stay, Georgia would have a better shot at the championship next year and he would be getting the exposure of a Tebow or Bradford by accomplishing that.

Beanie Wells is someone else who had better stay put.  Why would you draft a guy who has only played two complete games without getting hurt in three years?  If I were a GM, I throw up the red flag.  I would much rather have Moreno who has played hurt and through pain.  Beanie isn’t sure how to do that yet, maybe another year in Columbus will help him out.

Featured Writer PaneechHat Tip Dawg Sports via AJC

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