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LSU vs Washington, Prediction Preview 2009

09.03.2009 · Posted in Uncategorized

LSU vs Washington, Prediction Preview 2009
–McD, Rumors and Rants.

This game is partially not LSU’s fault. They couldn’t have known Washington would be this bad when they put it on the schedule. That said, Steve Sarkisian is in charge now,and you never know; teams do freaky things during the debut of a new head coach at home. LSU could find themselves in a very unexpected battle.

And, karmically, that would serve them right for not using Keiland Williams the last two years. The same kid who did this to Virginia Tech is behind Charles Scott (who is essentially a very, very athletic fullback) on the depth chart now and was stuck behind Jacob Hester two years ago. That’s right. Jacob. Freaking. Hester. I’m not saying Hester and Scott aren’t good running backs. They both had good numbers and Charles Scott and LenDale White have a lot in common as prospects. But even White had Reggie Bush running with him. Did I mention Williams and Scott are within five pounds of each other? Hmm, which back would Urban Meyer use? The one who is athletic, can be both a powerful and elusive back or the guy who runs straight ahead? The answer is both. Duh. I’m not saying, I’m just saying….One more Keiland Williams video? Okay one more. My favorite part of this one is that Herbstreit agrees with me, and this was two years ago!

Jordan Jefferson and the rest of the offense may actually have something to scare the Washington defense with. That is, if Jefferson can pass with any kind of efficiency. Or maybe teams on the ’09 schedule can just sell out to stop Scott and (hopefully) Williams and then Jefferson can surprise them, like what happened to Georgia Tech at the Chick-Fil-A bowl. You know things are bad when fans are justifying a quarterback because he completed his first nine passes against an ACC squad. Hold your breath, Ti-guh fans, Russell Shepard is waiting in the wings.

Defensively, the Tigers shouldn’t have much trouble with Washington’s offense. I’m not going to lie, I love me some Jake Locker. His passing skills are about as developed as Jefferson’s, but man is he amazing to watch. The homeless man’s Tim Tebow still has a lot of potential to unlock and Steve Sarkisian may or may not be the coach to do it. We’ll see.

The only worry LSU might have is if Washington somehow got way, way faster in the offseason or if Locker manages to run wild. Sarkisian seems to favor a west-coast style approach with a hell of a lot of rollouts and bootlegs, so there’s a chance Locker could rush for some yards. Or that his passes could be woefully inaccurate, since that’s been his track record so far. The back seven for the Tigers was, uh, abominable in 2008 and worse, they were slow. That spells coaching staff overhaul on the defensive side of the ball. Hey look, it’s John Chavis! Chavis obviously has a ton of experience dealing with Tim Tebow, though I’m not sure how successful that ended up for him at Tennessee, but still. If anyone can plan for Locker, it’s him. It’s simply a question of whether the Tigers’ talented, but mediocre statistically, defense can stay in front of him. Otherwise, there’s not a whole lot to be scared of from Washington.

Look. LSU is favored by 17.5 points, and honestly, if they don’t win by 28, there ought to be a hell of a lot of grumbling in Baton Rouge. Les Miles is gonna keep his foot on the gas and run the ball with Scott out of the I-formation until Washington begs for mercy. Ciron Black is gonna be a busy man. Look for Scott’s YPC to be about 8.0 and for Williams to sit on the bench because Miles clearly hates him. Not that I’m complaining because the more Williams sits, the more likely it is for my Chargers to get him with like a sixth rounder in 2010. Sweet.

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