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LSU vs. Louisiana-Lafayette, Prediction Pick, 2009

09.16.2009 · Posted in Uncategorized

LSU vs. Louisiana-Lafayette, Prediction Pick, 2009
-McD Rumors and Rants

So LSU has played two games, the offense has underwhelmed in both, and the defense only truly played well against Vanderbilt. Saturday is when LSU puts it all together…or doesn’t.

Some have said Les Miles called out Vanderbilt when he said the Ragin’ Cajuns had a better offense than the Commodores but, I mean, isn’t he pretty much right? It’s not like saying something that actually kind of makes sense is against the rules for football coaches. Just because Vanderbilt is in the SEC doesn’t mean a Sun Belt team can’t have a better offensive unit. Besides, they’re freaking Vanderbilt. Which, by the way is what LSU fan was saying to themselves after the Tigers looked a hell of a lot like Ohio State (and not in a good way) against them.

The LSU offense once again lacked any kind of punch against Vanderbilt, and Charles Scott hasn’t looked good yet. On the bright side, Keiland Williams looked fantastic in both games and is the team’s leading rusher. To beat Louisiana-Lafayette, and I mean REALLY beat them, not just win, the offense is going to have to be mistake free and Williams and Scott cannot be invisible. Obviously, that won’t happen, but keys to the game are keys to the game because the only way the Ragin’ Cajuns are winning is if LSU beats itself. Yes, I respect what Chris Masson and the offense have done, but beating Southern and “upsetting” Kansas State by scoring 17 points isn’t the kind of thing that gets its own piece on E:60.

I’m going to put this game squarely on the running backs. Kansas State ran for 196 yards on ULL and the lost. LSU shouldn’t truly need the passing game for any reason other than to keep the defense honest. Which is fine because Terrance Toliver and Brandon LaFell forgot to get off the bus against Vanderbilt anyway. But Williams and Scott had better run wild Saturday afternoon, and Les Miles had better let it happen. It’s time for LSU to let their studs out of the box. LSU had to throw 29 times last week, which is way too many even though I have to applaud Jordan Jefferson’s 20-29 performance. Efficiency in the passing game is nice, but this team lives and dies with the run, not with the dink-and-dunk passes Jefferson threw last week. And that’s as it should be.

Thus, that 27 point spread is a bit high if they’re going to run the ball and dominate the clock. Based on how things have gone thus far, this ought to be a comfortable win, but not a 50 point blowout. And I’m saying that so LSU fan can be happy when the Tigers really do blow them out of the water because I’m being bull-headed and taking the cover. On a side note, I wonder if LSU/ULL is like IU/Purdue in which everyone knows each other and the tailgating is just a giant combined beerfest. Oh, and try not to drink two kegs before the game, okay LSU fans?

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