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Auburn vs. Tennessee, Prediction Pick 2009

10.01.2009 · Posted in Uncategorized

Auburn vs. Tennessee, Prediction Pick 2009

Now this is one interesting match-up. On the one side? You have a classic confrontation. On the other side? You have the Cromptoning meeting a defense that is marshmellow soft. So. Who wins? 

That’s why I’m here.

The good match-up: Malzahn-mania has swept through Alabama. It has redeemed Chris Todd from irrelevant joke to a quarterback avaeraging 9 yards per pass attempt. It has given Ben Tate and the poorly spelled Ontario McCalebb (too many b’s on the dance floor!) power and glory as a two headed running back attack at Running Back U to the Southeast. And Mario Fannin does loom large as an X-Factor that really hasn’t emerged yet.

Monte Kiffin on the other hand? He knows how to game plan. And he has Eric Berry and a run defense that’s allowing less than three yards per carry. You will see a well-prepared defense going up against a blanced offense from a genius that’s earning his rep. It will be fun when Auburn holds the ball.

The bad match-up: Not to say that it’s going to be a real bad match-up, but when Tennessee has the ball? It will most definitely not be the classic confrontation. Obviously, the Montario Hardesty-Bryce Brown tag team is going to get some things done. Auburn is not great versus the run. That being said?


Tennessee still has the Horsefeathers at quarterback. And for all the scoring Auburn’s opponents has garnered? They are averaging two picks a game. The obvious choice for Gene is to dare Crompton to beat him. He will give Auburns defense another two interceptions. And that, my friends? That will be the difference.

Final Analysis: Tennessee is a team that is racked with injuries. They don’t have a receiver to carry the load. Their quarterback is facing a ballhawking secondary. Auburn is going to win with relative ease and comfort. Auburn 31, Tennessee 19.

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