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SEC Draft Breakdown: Cam Newton (QB-Auburn)

01.18.2011 · Posted in Uncategorized

SEC Draft Breakdown: Cam Newton (QB-Auburn)

In one of the single least shocking moves of the declaration season, Cam Newton has declared his intent to go professional. The expectation is that we’re going to see Cam as a 1st round draft choice. Some Auburn fans, like the bossman, expect him to be a top ten pick…or better.

I’m not so sure.

Let me explain. The physical gifts are undeniable. The triangle numbers (height-weight-speed) would make anybody a worthwhile first round pick. And for a quarterback who seems to be denigrated as simply a runner? The deep ball from Cam Newton is rather pretty.

And if you want to add on-field intangibles to the equation? Newton does have two national championships to his credit, and if you needed a player to win a close game or bring you back? Newton was the man. No lead was safe and no 2 minute drill couldn’t happen.

But there is a real wonky problem to his game. Remember that 4th and goal to Eric Smith? That wasn’t just a bad play. Newton has trouble with short routes. It’s a problem that killed other great athletic quarterbacks like a Pat White and the JaMarcus Russell and it’s not exactly the most fixable.

(And if he has trouble in the All-star games? This will be why. And this will keep him down.)

The obvious character issue is also obvious. Not to bore you, but suffice it to say that he’s going to be hearing a lot of, really? Cecil acted alone? Really? In the interview portion of the draft.

The other thing? Tim Tebow, who seems like an obvious comparison to him (the super-physically gifted leader who really wasn’t a college quarterback), he climbed back up the draft boards for one simple thing.

There was nobody else. Sure, Colt McCoy has been proven to be a solid professional, but unless the thought of Jimmy Clausen fired you up? Taking a flier on QB equaled Tebow.

And as for this year? You have a strong class. From Blaine Gabbert, who seems to be widely regarded as the best pro prospect, to Ryan Mallett with his laser rocket arm and what not, and Jake Locker, who while not having a Senior year in the same area code as Newton, has strong physical gifts with none of the baggage.

If Newton starts to slide, and there is definitely a chance, Newton doesn’t have air to compare to. And as such? Any fall makes him the 3rd or 4th QB off the board.

Now let’s not take that to mean that he will be out of the first round, but he’s not going to be 1st off the board, 3rd off the board, or even 12th off the board.

Some team between 21-32 looking for a best player available? They’re gonna get him.

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