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The Year in Review: Ole Miss

11.28.2011 · Posted in Uncategorized

The Year in Review: Ole Miss

As the games start to fade away, we find ourselves in a situation where the posts are becoming something more of a catch as catch can scenario. But that being said? There are 9 teams are bowl eligible. Sorry BBVA Compass Bowl! You’re not going to get an SEC Team.

But as we’re going with the years in review? We’re going to go from the bottom to the top. And you know what that means? Hotty Toddy.

Ole Miss 2-10 (0-8) 6th in the SEC West

It was a long year for Ole Miss. They did give a couple of bowl teams tough games along the way, but they were able to have a decent win. I mean, sure Fresno State went 4-8. You go out west and win? It’s a win you can hang your hat on.

But that being said? Check the record, there were so many problems. From a coach who is best known for having a quarterback become a receiver, and turning Jevan Snead into a quarterbacking husk? This was a vintage year.

And while the defense did improve from last year, it was not nearly enough in comparison to the offensive degeneration. And this led to several dark moments (LSU kneeling a turnover on downs with five minutes to go when they were up 49 in Oxford, Louisiana Tech winning by enough that they could rest their starters, getting blown out by Kentucky, having Arkansas come back on them).

So basically, assume this team is back at square one. The good news? The New AD is going to be there with his first hire. There will be patience. No matter if it’s Mick Hudspeth, Hugh Freeze, or female romantic comedy protagonist slash super defensive coordinator Kirby Smart. There’s really nowhere to go but up.

Especially when you consider that seniors Wayne Dorsey, Marcus Temple, and Alex Washington fell off the depth chart between magazine preview day and November. So guess how many seniors ended the year on the two deep? Three. (Kentrell Lockett, Brandon Bolden, and Bradley Sowell). And CJ Johnson and Jeff Scott will be solidly able to step into the shoes of two of them. Add in the return of D.T. Shackelford?

And you may see them bounce back a lot faster than some might think.

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