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Gator Bowl Prediction Pick, 2012, Ohio State vs. Florida

12.29.2011 · Posted in Uncategorized

I will insist on calling Jeff Demps Will. That may be as far as I know.

Gator Bowl Prediction Pick, 2012, Ohio State vs. Florida

This is a game where if I had money to put on games? I would stay away from it. It vows to be ugly. ESPN is going to take the fact that Urban Meyer was the coach at Florida and salt the broadcast so that nothing can grow. There may not even be twenty completions from both sides, and you will see copious amounts of punt.

As a player, Braxton Miller is a talent. He’s an exciting athlete who has already started on building a legend in Columbus. And with him, they can’t game plan for Boon Herron, Carlos Hyde, or Jordan Hall. And while they’re going to get game planned for, with the way Florida plays fast and loose with the ball, I can guarantee they will have a drive from a short field.

Because the fact is, when it comes to bowl games? You usually trust the better defense. And Florida is a top 10 defense yardage wise. But they are one of the worst teams regarding turnover margin. And when you’re averaging a turnover lost per game? You give up an advantage.

Because otherwise, the running joke about SEC speed would apply. Chris Rainey and Jeff Demps should be at full strength. And one home run would be enough to win the game.  So yeah. We’re in a situation where it’s evenly matched.

Ohio State has John Simon, and in the game where the defense will likely win, a sack strip may be enough. And he’s the pass rusher. The only consistent one.

So yeah, can you tell with the hemming and hawing I’m not terrifically sure in regards to who will win? My gut says Ohio State, they’re the more disciplined team, and they’re the team that will get the running game untracked.

Ohio State 14, Florida 13.

But I could be wrong.

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