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Arkansas vs. Kansas State, Cotton Bowl, 2012 Prediction Pick

01.04.2012 · Posted in Uncategorized

This photo could get a Cotton Bowl sequel

Arkansas vs. Kansas State, Cotton Bowl, 2012 Prediction Pick

In a game that definitely has more in-season cache than last night’s Sugar Bowl, you will see a styles clash of some tremendous proportions. On Arkansas, you’ll have a passing game that averages 300 yards per outing. Kansas State takes a different set of tactics. Quarterback Collin Klein went into bowl season second nationally in Rushing touchdowns.

Why is that interesting? Well for one, Tyler Wilson and the Greg Childs, Jarius Wright, Joe Adams trio are going to feast on the 104th ranked passing defense in the country. But that being said, the Klein led Wildcats running game is going to face an Arkansas defense that definitely has a soft underbelly to it. So the major key to the game is obviously going to be hidden yardage.

That means turnovers. If you break it down strictly on a yardage quotient? Kansas State doesn’t belong here. They’re 76th per play and 74th per game. But they’re here on the simple fact that they win the turnover battle. Plus thirteen turnover margin is a big number.

And while Arkansas has been the bellwether between good and great, a team that’s clean in regards to taking care of the ball has an edge over Arkansas. Kansas State absolutely needs one in a short field situation to have a chance here. They also need to punch it in. Because Arkansas’ defense, while it has its weaknesses, it’s at its best when you’re looking at getting six points off of them.

But that being said? Jake Bequette has an opportunity to build up his draft stock in his final college game. Kansas State is in the triple digits regarding sacks allowed. Bequette finished November with 6 sacks, and he will absolutely be chasing Klein like all day.

Long story short? This feels like last years Cotton Bowl. The Big 12 team is going to stay in it for about a third of the game. But I absolutely believe that Arkansas’ offense is going to force the Wildcats to abandon their plans for a running game. And when they do? Klein just doesn’t have the horses to keep up.

Arkansas 38, Kansas State 21.

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