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LSU vs. Alabama, BCS National Championship, Predicition Pick 2012

01.06.2012 · Posted in Uncategorized

Trent Richardson is going in for redemption.

LSU vs. Alabama, BCS National Championship, Predicition Pick 2012

I’m not going to just throw up my last call. Though the fact of the matter is that this is a game that has a very similar vibe. If the Alamo Bowl was a Michael Bay movie, and the Rose and Fiesta Bowls were X-Men 2 and X-Men: First Class? Then this is Tree of Life. Impenetrable to the casual watcher, but something that has beauty in between the lines.

Because the fact of the matter? We’re going to see a very similar game. Not that the offenses are going to be slowed up. The defenses always have a greater advantage when the bowl games go off later in the year. And these two defenses are spectacular.

So what’s the differences? For one, the option question. Most people aren’t surprised that LSU was the SEC team that ended up with the best per carry average of all the D-1 opponents Alabama faced. When Jordan Jefferson came in and the speed option was run? They got forward momentum on Alabama.

But then the Crimson Tide faced Georgia Southern. The team that made the flexbone famous gashed Alabama. 25% of Alabama’s Touchdowns allowed? To Georgia Southern. 33.6% of Alabama’s rushing yards allowed? To Georgia Southern.

You’re going to see a lot of option from Jordan Jefferson and their four pronged running back attack. And while they’re not going to have 300 yards rushing by any stretch? They may yet get a touchdown. (Gasp, I know.)

And then there’s the special teams question. I don’t expect Brad Wing to get himself another game changing punt. I also don’t expect Tyrann Mathieu to break one. But that being said? Alabama’s 6 of their last 13 on field goal attempts. Now most of that’s on Cade Foster, but the fact of the matter is that Alabama’s going to have to be in four down territory from a greater distance than Saban will feel comfortable.

And barring a wrinkle, or the injuries in Alabama’s secondary stopping them from playing on Monday, LSU’s special teams will prove to be the difference. It won’t be a game that will bring joy to the masses. But there will be beauty in this clash.

LSU 13, Alabama 10.

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