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Alabama vs. LSU, BCS Reactions, 2012

01.10.2012 · Posted in Uncategorized

@LSUFreek has the right idea. Jordan Jefferson's not going to be tabbed for DONDA.

Alabama vs. LSU, BCS Reactions, 2012

Was this game ugly? Yes. Like all sequels, they pale in comparison to the original. I’m not saying that every aspect of the game was terrible. But that being said? This was more impenetrable than a Lars Von Trier movie in several spots.

But you have to give credit to Jim McElwain. He called a game that turned the Honey Badger into something mortal. He called a game that generated the most rushing yards and the most non-Holgorsen aided passing yards on LSU’s defense. If I was Colorado State, I’d be fired up for next year. He made the perfect closer to his run at Alabama.

Now that being said? Jordan Jefferson played like a punk. When I made my prediction, on of the major reasons as to why I made a prediction that was misled? The option game. Jordan had his big boy pants on when they played Alabama the last time. Then again, they were preparing for Jarrett Lee.

This time, every time Jordan would run the option, he would leave the running back out to dry. He pitched the ball way too early, and he would make less effort than a late-90′s NBA star after he made the pitch. Now I grant the premise that if I were to get hit by so much Courtney Upshaw I would develop a case of the limber tail is a solid one. But that being said. It’s one game. Suck it up for one game.

Because if you do? You can develop a legend. Like A.J. McCarron. You know how many National Championship QB’s were sophomores when they won? One. And it’s the guy who threw to Brad Smelley like the entire night.

And while the National Championship rematch definitely has benefited the SEC in its rare iterations, but here’s the thing. The games have been terrible. Florida stomped on the gas and won its first National Championship game by 32. And Ole Miss shut out LSU in the rematch of the Billy Cannon game.

Congratulations to Alabama. Congratulations to LSU. But the rematch must not happen again. Nothing good will come of it. Nothing.


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