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SEC’s Early Exit Breakdown

01.16.2012 · Posted in Uncategorized

Trent Richardson was never gonna be drafted higher.

SEC’s Early Exit Breakdown

This was a record breaking season for people deciding they were done with college football. And while there will be some people who will not be drafted (Darron Thomas? Art thou serious bro?), the SEC’s exodus of talent will lead to pride on draft day. As many as seven could go in the first round, and no one is going to spend the draft pulling a Jevan Snead, at least now that Russell Sheppard came crawling back.

But who goes where? And how will they go about it? Read on fellows and lady fellows.

Trent Richardson (RB-Alabama) In this day and age, the running back is not nearly as important as they once were in the Sunday league. I’m not saying that Trent Richardson is going to have a Mark Ingram worry? But that being said, despite his spectacular gifts, the chance that he falls out of the top ten is a number beyond slim and none.
Morris Claiborne (CB-LSU) Here’s my pick for first SEC player off the board. Because here’s the thing, he kept getting thrown at. Between Patrick Peterson and Tyrann Mathieu, Claiborne had to keep getting thrown at. And he was up to the task like every single day. With the way Passing went in the NFL last year? He could go 3rd and I wouldn’t be surprised.
Dre Kirkpatrick (CB-Alabama) Reminds me a lot of Al Harris. Long, lanky, and aggressive. He just shuts receivers down. Barring a Julio Jones combine, he may not get past Claiborne, but I can guarantee that he’s not going to fall out of the top ten.
Fletcher Cox (DT-Mississippi State) There’s a 3-4 team that’s going to fall in love with Cox. Scouts grade him as a decent inside pass rusher with a great motor. He will not leave the first round, and if he’s at 28? He just seems too perfect as a fit for Green Bay.
Dont’a Hightower (ILB-Alabama) Scouts grade him as a smart, and strong run stuffer with an underrated pass rush, but he’s a step slow. (4.78 40-yard time). This isn’t to say that he isn’t going to have a bad career. But the thing of it is? You can’t be surprised if he falls out of the first round.
Michael Brockers (DT-LSU) One of the things that happens every year is that some defensive lineman with amazing athleticism gets up the draft board because everyone is going to be all like OMG Upside! Brockers should be picked between 35 and 75. But don’t be surprised that he’s picked by like Dallas at 13. He’s all upside and athleticism.
Alshon Jeffrey (WR-South Carolina) He was supposed to rival Justin Blackmon for the first WR off the board. But that being said? The skills that he’s shown haven’t exactly disappeared. Michael Floyd seems to have definitely passed him and Kendall Wright has probably passed him. A good 40-time? And he’s still a first round choice.
Rueben Randle (WR-LSU) One of those receivers LSU always seems to graduate. Big and rangy and probably a step slower than what scouts would like. Randle will probably be a second or third round pick. But a James Jones comparison isn’t exactly an insult, either.
Stephon Gilmore (CB-South Carolina) Right now, he seems like the Mexican Non-union equivalent of Charles Woodson. He has the blitzing, run support, and ball hawking skills of Woodson, he’s spent time playing offense and isn’t a half bad return man. The only question is can he stay at corner. There are whispers, you guys.
Orson Charles (TE-Georgia) A more physically gifted Aaron Hernandez. I’m not saying that he’s going to be a superstar straight away, but with his hands and great vertical skills, as the tight end becomes more important? By 2013? He could be in the conversation with your Jimmy Graham and Rob Gronkowski.
Bobby Massie (RT-Ole Miss) An intriguing talent. He’s got the physicality to be an NFL right tackle, but the athleticism that a switch to the left side could be considered. He’s not going to be likely drafted before Round 3, but the magazines will be putting a picture of a dude sleeping by his name. Because, see, he’s a sleeper.

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