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SEC Recruiting: Winners and Losers

02.02.2012 · Posted in Uncategorized

T.J. Yeldon doesn't interest me yet.

SEC Recruiting: Winners and Losers

There are certain aspects of recruiting that you won’t need foresight to know. You know that there are teams that filled a need, recruited a new class of player, so on and et al. Here’s what was interesting to me beyond the obvious star rating winners.

So if you’re wondering why Alabama and Florida aren’t here? This is why.


Auburn: Not just because of the Cassanova McKinzey signing. He loves delicious flavor, and Auburn brings it that much closer, but of all the SEC schools, there was only one that offered four year scholarships. Sure, most 18 year olds won’t care, but parental influenced prospects will love this.

Georgia: You saw last year that they were willing to let talented newcomers see the field quickly. And in Keith Marshall, the Bulldogs get the running back that could very easily turn into an integral part of the offense with the way Isaiah Crowell broke down toward the end of the year. J0rdan Jenkins and Josh Harvey-Clemons should join Ray Drew as 3-4 pass rushers that will generate all the sacks.

Texas A&M: Did a good job of protecting top Texas prospects, and from the people who brought Christine Michael, they were able to wrest Kyle Williams away from the Crimson Tide and Edward Pope and DeVante Harris could start for the Aggies straight away.


Tennessee: You have the 116th ranked rushing attack. You also graduated a running back who’s going to be drafted. You wouldn’t think to add another option or two in an attempt to bolster the running game next season Derek Dooley? I know there’s experience, but this experience couldn’t generate 3 yards a carry against Middle Tennessee State.

Arkansas: Not for the class they signed. Like a Wisconsin or a Virginia Tech, this is a team that will likely surpass the star rating of its prospects. But you didn’t get Dorial Green-Beckham. You lost the day.

Ole Miss: The only news that the Rebels made on the recruiting trail was from the greatest heel turn in the history of 18 year olds putting on hats. If Jeremy Liggins can say the most troll of statements and most Ole Miss fans can’t help but agree in their deepest darkest recesses. The worst thing that can happen to you is that when you get a bad review and you can’t help but agree.

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