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Danny O’ Brien Denied Transfer to Vanderbilt

02.14.2012 · Posted in Uncategorized

Danny O’ Brien Denied Transfer to Vanderbilt

Recruiting is a sordid business. You’re bound to do something unlikable. And unless the program is terrible, no coach is clean. (And even then there are some teams that will just cheat to get to 4-8.) And even if it doesn’t go well? Sometimes a seemingly random choice gets blocked for the reason of the coach being insufferable.

I would make a joke about Derek Dooley here, but the fact is that he lost to Kentucky in the ugliest manner possible. By this time next year even this reference will be a dated cheap shot.

So why the long preamble? Because Vanderbilt’s become a threat to another school. Danny O’Brien aims to be reunited with the offensive coordinator in James Franklin who made him the Freshman of the year before Randy Edsall rolled up on College Park and made a fun team terrible. And usually, when you have a player who wants to transfer, they have to leave the conference, and maybe they can’t play in the region, or with an upcoming non-conference opponent.

But here’s why it’s even more outlandish than the DeAnthony Arnett scandal gate. The last time Maryland and Vanderbilt played? 1987. When Mark McGwire bashed 49 homers, Robert Bork was denied entry into the Supreme Court, and Michael Jackson released his follow up to Thriller.

So what does it all mean?

Short answer, very little. The one thing a coach fears more than losses is a consistent stream of negative press. And considering he took a 9 win team and turned it into a two win team I would wager that Jordan Rodgers will have competition going into next season.

I would also wager that Derek Dooley would consider putting in a resume at College Park next season. Because no matter how bad it gets in Tennessee, it’s still worth three wins over the ACC.


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