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The Five SEC Coaches Most Likely to be in a new Location next year.

02.16.2012 · Posted in Uncategorized

The Five SEC Coaches Most Likely to be in a new Location next year.

Suffice it to say? The Bleacher Report style headline is one of the vicissitudes of having a long off-season. But that being said? I went to the Coaches Hot Seat rankings on, and something kind of interested me. The SEC coaching family is rather veteran.

Even while adding Missouri and Texas A&M? Ten coaches are in going into year three at their schools. So while some conferences have lost the Howard Schnellenbergers of the world? The SEC has been pretty steady throughout the previous decade.

So where will new faces come in, and who will move to new places?I’ll give you the five most likely candidates. (Authors note? A list of three doesn’t a blog post make, as four and five are long odds at present in and of themselves.)

1. Derek Dooley, Tennessee
From a demolition to one of the Big East’s Champions to literally everything going wrong the week after. 2011 broke so badly to the point where a bowl might not be enough to get him to 2013 with gainful employment. Their schedule is soft enough that they could get to the Georgia game at 4-0. But as last year showed, this is a not a deep team. And heaven help them in Sal Sunseri’s value doesn’t go beyond recruiting.

2. Joker Phillips, Kentucky
The seat would be a lot hotter if they had not managed to win the football like substance that was their game against Tennessee last year. But a lot of their recent success has been the Bill Snyder method of scheduling. And when you go from Central Michigan to Missouri? Making a bowl becomes a lot more difficult. And if Joker doesn’t win 5? Joker’s as good as gone.

3. James Franklin, Vanderbilt
I know, I know. They’re building something here. Danny O’Brien’s gonna be like so much Jay Cutler for the smart kids. But between his youth, the fact that he won at Vanderbilt, and the fact that this is a rather frontloaded conference schedule? (South Carolina and at Georgia are a pretty likely 0-2 start in conference.) It’s a better than outside shot that another school would give him an intriguing offer.

4. Will Muschamp, Florida
Call this a Turner Gill scenario. You have a sloppy offense that’s been built by Urban Meyer at his most starchasing. Their quarterback is going to be someone that got smacked around by the teeth of the SEC last year. Like I said, this isn’t exactly a scenario I would bet my massive salary on, but a 5-7 record is more likely that appears.

5. Dan Mullen, Mississippi State
Could Mississippi State go into the Alabama game unbeaten? Absolutely. Their toughest road game is at Kentucky, and Auburn is a team in transition. Sure, it’s the SEC West, and Dan Mullen has a tendency to struggle in the division. But a bowl assisted ten win season in Starkville is not impossible. And while a move is unlikely, the super coach of seasons past may have a better opportunity elsewhere.

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