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Can Tyler Bray be redeemed?

03.28.2012 · Posted in Uncategorized

KIND of an idiot?

Can Tyler Bray be redeemed?

I’ve seen the best of Tyler Bray last season. He had his full coterie of receivers, and it didn’t matter that the offensive line couldn’t get a push going forward for Tauren Poole. They destroyed Cincinnati and I actually received the information that shows me that an active commentary base isn’t necessarily a good thing. (Love you Rocky Top.)

But Tyler Bray got hurt. And when he came back? The team wasn’t exactly clicking on all cylinders. Joker Phillips probably still has a job because of Tyler Bray’s final game of 2011. But at least he’s saying the right things.

And here’s the thing? If he swings toward leadership instead of cocky? He can go a long way this season. While I was no fan of their recruiting no offensive lineman for this season? They do have a line that still has another season of experience to grow on. And Marlin Lane has had flashes of brilliance.

I can’t believe I’ve gone 160 words without the most salient fact of all. Da’Rick Rogers and Justin Hunter return. If Hunter can return with 90% of the athleticism he showed in his abbreviated 2011? This is one of the best receivers in the SEC. And with Da’Rick Rogers? Bray’s going to unleash his proverbial dragon, whether or not Cordarrelle Patterson is worthy of the five star hype.

But can Tyler Bray be the one to lead Tennessee back to the promised land? Honestly? This is a team that’s more than likely built for 2013, and taking their seniors to Autzen. Not that their 2012 schedule is a bad thing. If Bray becomes what he aims to be? They’re 4-0 going into a road game with Georgia. And they’re 5-1 going into their two weeks against Alabama and at South Carolina.

But that being said? Bray has the tools. And he has the wide receiver talent. With good health and less immaturity? It’s not unreasonable to think this is a team that will get a January Florida Bowl game versus a Big Ten team.

And there’s more on the line if Bray stays through for his Senior year.

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  1. Ricky Thomas says:

    Watch for James Inman at Tennessee. Kid can throw like Bray baby.

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