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SEC Draft Brakdown Part Two: Florida, Tennessee, and Vanderbilt

03.31.2012 · Posted in Uncategorized

I will insist on calling Jeff Demps Will. It may not matter as I do not follow track in any form or fashion.

SEC Draft Breakdown Part Two: Florida, Tennessee, and Vanderbilt

This does not have near the power as it could have. With the general tomfoolery from Janoris Jenkins and Janzen Jackson, two of the first two rounds were taken from the SEC before its time. And as before? There is no mention of prospects where the expectations are they won’t be drafted.

Apologies to Tim Fugger.

Chris Rainey (RB): He graduated at the perfect time. Slightly undersized, but infused with a great set of hands and pure badass American speed. The year after Darren Sproles is a nice time to be a small running back who can catch everything. 3rd round grade, but could sneak into Round 2.
Jaye Howard (DT): One of those classic archetypes is the hyped high school prospect who, while maintaining the physical gifts from high school, does not show much in college. But Howard had a strong senior year, and will be picked. But it doesn’t seem like he can add any more weight to the frame without becoming fat.

Malik Jackson (DE): He was the Volunteers lone major threat on the defensive line, and he just got better. Spectacular gifts as a defensive end, who actually has the frame to become a 3-4 defensive end. He’s just a little too stiff to be a Pro Bowl upside bro.
Tauren Poole (RB): There are several running backs who seem to be mid-round sleepers that can become potential starters. Among them is Tauren Poole. His physical gifts are great, he just had a young offensive line that gave him nothing last year. He could steal someones job right quick.

Casey Heyward (CB): Could we see an intelligent cornerback who lacks the most spectacular physical gifts get drafted in Day 2? Yes. Will he move to free safety? Maybe. Will he be a great fit there? Totes.
Chris Marve (MLB): Hyper-productive, but he lacks the superb physical gifts. He will either be a psychologist or have solid career. Vanderbilt always generates a strong linebacker corps. And we haven’t seen what he can do without an offensive line quite yet.

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