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SEC Draft Breakdown Part One: Georgia and South Carolina

03.31.2012 · Posted in Uncategorized

Stephon Gilmore is going to get that first round scratch.

SEC Draft Breakdown Part One: Georgia and South Carolina

While spring ball continues for most of the SEC? Yesterdays heroes of the Southeastern Conference are in the midst of their final preparations for the next level. Pro Days and interviews are all that stand between the future and the past. And I will tell you where I think these people will go.

One rule, if I assume they’re not going to be drafted? I’m leaving them for someone else. Arbitrary? Yes. Who the heck am I? Exactly! But please do read on.

Cordy Glenn (OG): One of the best guards in the draft. It’s a position that allows him to play to his run blocking strengths and mitigate his weakness against the pass rush. If he’s the third guard off the board? I will sincerely be surprised.
Orson Charles (TE): The only major knock is that DUI. He knows he has to be on his best behavior, and then that happens. Will it hurt him? A little. But he wasn’t going to be a first round pick anyway.
Brandon Boykin (CB): Like Asher Allen, he’s a physical corner back with good athleticism. He’s also terribly undersized. Not a knock on his career. But he’ll find his way somewhere between Rounds 2-3.
Ben Jones (C): I would not be surprised if he falls to the weekend for one of those seemingly idiotic scouting reasons. He’s not a high upside athlete. He won’t become spectacular. All he is? Is a very good center.
Drew Butler (P): He has a leg strong enough that some team is willing to commit a draft pick and not be mocked for it. He may not be the first punter off the board? But he should be picked.
Blair Walsh (PK): A down season leaves his selection as a question. But in a year where we find most NFL kickers got tagged? A big leg whose had better seasons on the placekick is a definite end of the draft consideration.
DeAngelo Tyson (DT): A defensive tackle with solid size and a decent motor. He’ll probably find his way as an end of the draft 3-4 defensive end.

South Carolina
Stephon Gilmore (CB):
I originally called him a knockoff version of Charles Woodson. But after a 40 time that kissed the 4.4 mark at the scouting combine and a quality shuttle run, it seems as if Gilmore has some physical upside to a nice skill set. He’s a sleeper top 15 pick.
Melvin Ingram (DE/OLB)
: There’s a certain phylum of pass-rushers who have a raw talent, good physical upside, and will likely be drafted somewhere between 8 and 32. On athleticism alone? Ingram is the best of this bunch.
Alshon Jeffrey (WR): Anyone who tells you they know how it’s going to go down is either a liar or a fool. He’s a player dogged by rumors and a junior season that was subpar at best and mystifying at worst. He has all the physical gifts in the world. Some team will draft him Round 2. But will he come out swinging or will he come out with pork sauce on his cheek?
Antonio Allen (SS): He’s one of the classic archetypes. The safety who will cause a receiver to think twice going over the middle, but does not have the best of instincts. The difference? He’s got some real playmaking skills. Give it a 50-50 shot to becoming Darren Sharper.
Travian Robertson (DT): He’s got the physical gifts that will cause a team to take a chance on him. He’s got the motor that will cause a team to make himself useful in a rotation. If he takes to the technique coaching? He could be something more.

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