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Bobby Petrino, rumors and innuendo.

04.05.2012 · Posted in Uncategorized

Gossip, Gossip...

Bobby Petrino, rumors and innuendo.

I’m not a tremendous fan of blogging about on-field events in the SEC. It’s just one of those things. I didn’t love the Cam Newton scandal, and you will notice that my reportage of Harvey Updyke is something that didn’t happen. So when Bobby Petrino had a motorcycle accident? I did nothing.

I mean, he’s was going to be coaching right?

But with the news of today? This gets into the mean. This gets into the idiot commentariat going into a lather all because of something that seems to be on an administrator. Bobby Petrino had a woman on the back of his bike and she was not his wife.

That’s it. The Deadspins of the world are trying to make this into “Head Coach canoodling with someone half his age.” And I have to ask, who cares? Seriously? The politics of personal destruction disgusts me.

I mean, take a look at this. It’s the internet at its worst. And guess what? Nothing has been proven. Not to get all big time sportswriter moralizing? But little is more American than Innocent until Proven Guilty.

And nothing is more annoying than people leaving stupid comments and thinking they’re so funny. As someone who generally likes people and loves a nice piece of comedy? It’s just…exasperating.

So, what’s the lesson here? Same as all the other ones. Success in coaching major sports is almost directly tied to the sleaze levels that you’re willing to foist on yourselves. You’re innocent until proven guilty, unless you are tied with someone with a semblance of fame. And you will never find the next Dan Harmon if they spend time tossing off “trenchant bon mots” on an online guestbook.

Seriously. I think less of you if you’re finding this amusing. Even if the implications are proven right. You have emotional problems.

Update: So yeah. It’s all correct and the yellow journalism was proven right. Bobby Petrino’s been placed on administrative leave. Which essentially means, they’re looking for a way out of the contract. And beyond that? I regret nothing I said previously.

If you’re gonna troll someone? Funny > mean. And Bobby Petrino will coach Rutgers soon enough.

Update II: But the timing of this in light of recent events? There’s no factual tie, but there’s something to be speculated on in that.

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